Get involved

Get involved

Do you want to become associated to ALDE Party as an individual citizen? From now on it is possible! Associate Membership for individuals is a sign of support to the European liberal values of freedom and individual responsibility, democracy and the rule of law, respect for human rights and tolerance.

The yearly membership contribution is 20 € per year (10 € if you are not yet 30 years old) which will give you:

  1. An Associate membership card,
  2. Home delivery of the quarterly ALDE Party Bulletin
  3. The ALDE Party electronic newsletter.
  4. Personalised invitations for selected events.

This year, 2014, will be an exciting and special year in the life of the party with the European elections in May. Therefore, this year you could also choose to fulfil your contribution in kind. Instead of paying the yearly fee you would commit yourself to helping the ALDE Party in the upcoming European elections campaign.

How can you help? There are many ways.

  • If you’re active on social media and you use Twitter, please ensure that you follow the @ALDEparty account (if you do not already!) and promote our work through mentioning @ALDEparty, RTing our tweets to spread the news of our liberal member parties, and once the campaign gets underway adding the hashtag #Ivoteliberal to your tweets;
  • On Facebook you are encouraged to like our page as well as like, comment and especially share our daily Facebook posts – with a personal comment on the post in your language;
  • You are encouraged to registered as a voter (or as a candidate if you are an MEP candidate) on our special campaign website (online from February);
  • In February, we will launch a smartphone campaign app (for Android and iOS) that you can use to geolocalise your candidates, fellow Associate members and other European liberals and discuss liberal policies;
  • If you prefer to engage in the campaign on a more direct and personal level, you could help your local ALDE European Parliament candidate – we can help you to get in touch with your preferred local liberal candidate;
  • By promoting ALDE Party and Associate membership at an ALDE member party Congress or campaign event.

This list is not exclusive. You may have other campaign ideas as well. Should you wish to help out in the campaign and contribute in kind, please let us know.

Support the European liberal values and become an Associate member of the ALDE Party!

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