Adina Valeăn

Country: Romania

Party: 3

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Policy focus

  • Economy
  • Energy

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Biography of Adina Valeăn

Master's degree in European Integration and Security Studies (2006). Postgraduate studies in National Security and Defence Management (2005). Degree in Mathematics (1990). Observer in the European Parliament (2006). Member of the Romanian Parliament (2004). NGO director (2001). Director, Ministry for Youth and Sports (1997-1999). Teacher (1990-1997). Vice-chairwoman of the Prahova county branch, PNL (National Liberal Party) (2006). Secretary of the PNL Committee on the business environment and competition policy (2002-2004). Secretary-General of the National Liberal Youth Organisation (2000-2002). National Liberal Party electoral campaign manager (2000-2004). NGO project manager, responsible for training, promotion of tolerance, youth programmes and programmes to promote free initiative (2000-2004). Government representative with the Youth for Europe Programme (1997-1999).


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