Joost van den Akker

Country: Netherlands

Party: 1

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Biography of Joost van den Akker

Joost van den Akker (1984) is the Limburg candidate on behalf of the VVD (nr. 7) for the elections on 22 May this year. As leader of the Liberal Party in the Provincial Parliament of Limburg he is mainly dealing with infrastructure tackling cross-border issues. During his study European Studies at Maastricht University, he wrote the book 'Maastricht Treaty' where 15 years after the conclusion of the treaty, he looks back on the process that preceded thereto. He also attended a Master's in European Law School and graduated in 2010 on European competition rules on state aid in the European banking sector.  Since 2009 he has worked as a lecturer in European Studies at the Zuyd University as well as a PhD student at the University of Twente since 2012. His research is titled: "The Relationship between EU-related Referendums and Representative Government Action."


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