Alina Böling

Country: Finland

Party: 3

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Policy focus

  • Democracy
  • Foreign affairs
  • Human rights & Civil liberties

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Biography of Alina Böling

Questions regarding the society have interested me for as long as I can recall. For me, politics is all about creating fair and equal possibilities for all people to affect their own lives and living conditions. International and global issues have always been close to my heart and I have had the privilege to work with these kinds of issues in different missions and assignments. Of all my experience, meeting and discussing with different kind of people is however what have taught me the most. Meeting students in Pietarsaari, third generation refugees in Lebanon, diplomats in New York and activists in North Africa has given me insights and inspiration to continue working with societal issues. I stand for the European Parliament Elections because I wish to create a more socially sustainable world, push for a strong European cooperation and work for freedom, equality and for Europe. I consider the European Union to be something more than just a single market. For me, the EU is a vital environment in which I can travel, study, work and live. Europe has  for a long time for me been a place for collaboration, establishing contacts and creating change. Curriculum Vitae
Education: University of Helsinki: Student at the Faculty of Law London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE): Summer School, International relations, year  2013 Vasa Övningsskolas gymnasium: International Baccalureate Diploma Program 2009 Selection of positions of trust: 2012-2013 Member of the Board of the Finnish UN Association 2011 – Member of the Representative Council of the University of Helsinki Student Union 2011 UN Youth Delegate of Finland 2009-2011 Member of the monitoring committee of OBESSU, Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions 2009-2011 Chair of FSS, The Swedish-speaking School Student Union of Finland 2009-2010 Member of the International Committee and Working Group for European Affairs of the Finnish Youth Cooperation – Allianssi 2008 Member of the Board of FSS, The Swedish-speaking School Student Union of Finland Over the years I have also held various other positions of trust in the Scouts, the Student Council, The Law Student Association Juristklubben Codex as well as in other youth and civic organizations. Work Experience: I have worked with international democracy projects as an intern at Liberal Democrats in London, as an intern at a business law firm, as well as with youth and education politics as a full-time chairman of FSS, The Swedish-speaking School Student Union of Finland. In addition to this, I have also worked as a tourist guide, as a counselor for persons with disabilities and as a ticket seller at a housing fair.


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