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Biography of Antigone Lyberaki

Present Position Professor of economics, Department of Economics and Regional Development, Panteion University (since 1999). Education 1984-1988: Ph.D. Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, UK. Thesis: Small Firms and Flexible Specialisation in Greek Industry. 1982-1984: M.Phil. Development Studies, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, UK 1977-1982: B.A. Economics, Department of Economics, National Capodistrian University of Athens, Greece. Others 1. 2012-. Vice President: Action (Greek: Δράση), a liberal Greek political party. 2.    2012-. Board Member: University’s Council for Administration, Panteion University. 3.    2013-. President: National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government. 4.   1998-. Board Member: ‘Action Aid Hellas’: for Greece 5.    2009-. Representative to the General Assembly of Action Aid International (Bangalore, India & Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania). 6.   2011-. Board Member: Action Aid (Kenya). 7.    2008-. Member: International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE). Employment: 1. Teaching 1992-: Panteion University, Athens, Greece. 2009-2011:   UADPhilEcon (University of Athens Doctoral Program in Economics). 2007 and 2011: Visiting Professor, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris. 1995-97: Visiting Professor, Department of Economics, National University of Athens, Greece. 1994 spring: Visiting Professor, Queen's College CUNY, New York NY. 1989-1992: Lecturer, University of Crete, Rethymno. Previous Positions 1981-1982: Ministry of National Economy, Athens, Greece. Background research in preparation of the new Investment incentives Law (1262/82). 1 1995-1997: Ministry of Development, General Secretariat for Industry, Athens, Greece, Member of the group of experts on Clusters, Networking and Interfirm cooperation, also member of the steering committee of the project “The Future of the Greek Industry”. 1997-1998: Expert in the Business Environment Simplification Task-Force (“BEST Task Force”) set up by the Commission of the EU to report on SME policy (one expert representing each member state). 2000: Ministry of Development, Adviser to the General Secretary for Industry, Athens, Greece Advising on the formulation and implementation of SME policy, drafting of the CSF III Competitiveness programme for Greece. 2001-2004: Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs, Scientific Coordinator and Editor of the Greek National Action Plans for Employment 2001, 2002 and 2003 (NAP), Member of the steering committee which compiled the 2003 ‘National Action Plan for social inclusion’ (NAPinc). Member of the Group of Experts on Labour and Social Security Issues. 2003-2004: Ministry for Labour, Cyprus. Scientific Coordinator and Editor of the Greek National Action Plans for Employment 2004. 2003-2004: Member of the Board of Directors of the Migration Policy Institute, Athens. 2004-2008: Member of the Governing Board of ISTAME. 2008-2010: Member of the Governing Board of OPEK (Society for reflection for the Modernisation of Society). 2009: UN Global Forum for Migration and Development, Civil Society Days: scientific coordinator of the Athens Convention (November). F. Research 1. (2002-) Country Team Leader (Greece) of the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE). This international interdisciplinary panel survey has produced three waves of data since 2004, was the first to use a CAPI (computer assisted personal interview) in Greece, is the only panel survey existing in Greece, and has produced high quality micro data which have been used in over 500 academic publications worldwide. From 2011 SHARE has been upgraded as a European Research Infrastructure (ESFRI). Source of funding: Primarily funded by the European Commission through the 5th the 6th and the 7th framework programme. Substantial co-funding came from the U.S. National Institute on Aging. 2. (2012-) Coordinator of the Joint Venture: “Share: Upgrade of the Survey of Health, Aging and Retirement in Europe”. European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures. 3. (2012-) Principal Investigator: “Investigating Crucial Interdisciplinary Linkages In Ageing Societies”. Approved for funding by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT), of the Ministry of Education, Life Long Learning and Religious Affairs, (Programme: Thalis). 4. (2012-) Principal Investigator: “Informal social protection, the hybrid Greek welfare state and economic crisis dynamics”. Approved for funding by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT), of the Ministry of Education, Life Long Learning and Religious Affairs, (Programme: Excellence). 5. (2011-) Member of the main research team: “Human Capabilities as a Basic Component of Development Dynamics and Differentiation of the Regions: the Case of  Greece”, Principal Investigator: Prof. Lois Labrianidis. 6. (2004-2005) Scientific coordinator: “Women to the top”: Source of funding: EU & Centre for Research on Equality. 7. (2002-2004) Member of the research team: “Functional Borders and sustainable security: Integrating the Balkans into the European Union”. Source of funding: ELIAMEP.


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