Antonyia Parvanova

Country: Bulgaria

Party: 2

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Policy focus

  • Environment
  • Human rights & Civil liberties

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Biography of Antonyia Parvanova

  Bachelor and Master's degree in medicine from Varna Medical University (1989); Bachelor and Master's degree in health management from Varna Medical University (1997); Master's in public health from Maastricht University, the Netherlands (1998); Bachelor and Master's degree in healthcare management from Sofia Medical University (2005); Doctor at Dobrich district hospital (1989-1997); research associate, University College London (UCL) (1998-2001). National Movement for Stability and Progress (NDSV): since 2002, member of the control council and the political council; chair of the healthcare council. Member of the Bulgarian National Assembly (2001-2009); vice-chair of the Committee on healthcare (2007-2009). Member of the Royal Society of Medicine (1998-2001); member of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (since 2001); honorary member of the Faculty of public health, Bulgarian Medical Academy (since 2001); member of the Advisory Council on Immunisation (since 2008). Member of European Friends of Israel (since 2008).


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