Claudia Benchescu

Country: Romania

Party: 3

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Policy focus

  • Culture
  • Jobs
  • Research & Education

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Biography of Claudia Benchescu

Claudia Benchescu is  the President of Liberal Students' Club (CSL Romania) and former Vice - President of the same organisation for 5 years, which led to her successful election as President. She is in her second consecutive mandate in the decision making body of LYMEC, position that helped her in developing her skills as a young liberal leader. She has graduated The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, studying Economics, and she has a master degree in Marketing Management. Her focus on policies for students and young people have expanded her horizons and connected her to the needs of the new generation. She has gathered crucial experience working as a counselor at the European Parliament and perfected her organisational skills in all the events organized as a LYMEC Bureau member.


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