J. George Smid

Country: United Kingdom

Party: 1

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Policy focus

  • Economy
  • Energy
  • Environment

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Biography of J. George Smid

George Smid was born in what was then communist Czechoslovakia. He left the country in 1981, gaining British citizenship in 1987. He is a Structural and Civil Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. As an engineer he has worked on a building site, in a design office and in public administration. As a manager he was involved in a number of engineering projects from petrochemical works to a football stadium. George has come from a non-political career and has had an extremely varied life and career, including living in communist Czechoslovakia and then becoming a stateless refugee, being a night shift dishwasher, having a professional career working for a multinational corporation and then running his own business. He is married, with an adult son and a disabled daughter. He enjoys reading, walking and skiing. Having a disabled child has exposed him to the NHS and the related social issues directly and extremely personally. He is now the chair of the local Corby party and is an active local campaigner in the Transitions movement, community development plans and other local issues.


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