Gesine Meißner

Country: Germany

Party: 3

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Policy focus

  • Environment
  • Foreign affairs
  • Transport

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Biography of Gesine Meißner

Hotel manager (1975). State examination for vocational school teachers, secondary level II (English, ecotrophology) (1980). Receptionist, Englischer Garten guesthouse, Munich (1975-1976). Association for rural adult education in Lower Saxony (1980-1993); deputy director of the Association from 1984. Self-employed communication instructor (since 1993). Member of the FDP (since 1985). Vice-chair of Wennigsen Local Association (since 2002); member, Lower Saxony Regional Executive (since 2003); member of the Federal Executive of the FDP (since 2007); federal vice-chair of the FDP women's organisation (since 2008). Member of the ELDR Council (since 2008). Member, Lower Saxony Regional Assembly (2003-2009). Member, parochial church council of the Lutheran Church of St Mary and St Peter, Wennigsen (since 1999). Member of the board of the Albert Schweitzer Families Foundation (since 2008). Member of the Supervisory Board of the Löwenherz Children's Hospice Foundation (since 2009).


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