Giles Goodall

Country: United Kingdom

Party: 1

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Policy focus

  • Economy
  • Human rights & Civil liberties
  • Jobs

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Biography of Giles Goodall

Giles was born and bred in Sussex, studied in Surrey, and has campaigned around the South East England region in European, national and local elections over 20 years. He has extensive experience of working in Europe: as a civil servant, communications consultant and political adviser to a former MEP for the region. Fluent in three languages and used to working with our European partners on a daily basis, he knows how to negotiate, build alliances, and get things done in Brussels and Strasbourg. Giles’ number one priority is to safeguard the thousands of jobs linked to European trade in the South East region. He also wants to help local companies benefit from new business opportunities resulting from the EU’s trade negotiations at the global level. He has particular expertise in the European justice, employment and social policy areas and has campaigned for EU cooperation to fight crime in the South East. As a nature-lover who grew up in the beautiful South Downs, he will also fight for strong EU action to safeguard the environment. A long-time Liberal Democrat, Giles has chaired the party’s European branch, sits on the executive of its European Group, and contributed extensively to the party’s current Europe policy. A member of LGBT+ Liberal Democrats, Giles recently founded Liberals 4 Equality, a Europe-wide network campaigning for LGBT rights. The group aims to promote LGBT rights by bringing together equality campaigners from across the ALDE Party's member parties.


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