Hans Van Baalen

Country: Netherlands

Party: 1

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Policy focus

  • Foreign affairs
  • Security

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Biography of Hans Van Baalen

  Higher degree in Netherlands law (1986). Higher degree in political studies (international law) (1988). Reserve colonel (Royal Army) (2008). Officer, Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC), Royal Army (1986-1988); Consultant and Director, Public Affairs, Deloitte (1988-1998); self-employed management consultant (1998-1999). International Secretary in the VVD executive (1993-1998); national campaign manager, Second Chamber elections VVD (1997-1998); national campaign manager, Second Chamber elections VVD (2002-2003); member of party council, European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party (ELDR) (1993-); executive member, Liberal International (LI), from 2009 President (1993-). Executive member, Netherlands group of Liberal International (LIGN) (1990-present), LIGN Chair from 1997. Member of Second Chamber of the States-General for the VVD; Chair, Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs; Chair, Standing Committee on Defence; rapporteur, parliamentary affairs, European decision-making; Chair, working party on parliamentary aspects of military service (1999-2009). Member of European Convention for the Second Chamber (2002); Member, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (2003-2004); member of COSAC (2003-2006). Member, NATO Parliamentary Assembly (1999-2007). Service as reserve officer in Bosnia (2002).


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