Jonathan Fryer

Country: United Kingdom

Party: 1

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Policy focus

  • Foreign affairs
  • Human rights & Civil liberties

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Biography of Jonathan Fryer

Jonathan is a writer, lecturer and broadcaster on international affairs who was based in Brussels for seven years before settling in London. A well-known voice from BBC Radio 4's "From Our Own Correspondent" he also contributes to the EU Commission's culture website, the Guardian and others. He has worked or travelled in every EU member states and speaks six European languages. He is a longstanding member of the governing Council of the European Liberal Democrat grouping, ALDE (formerly ELDR). As well as being the immediate past Chair of London Liberal Democrats, Jonathan has been a London borough councillor, parliamentary and Euro-parliamentary candidate. He was number 2 on the London Euro-list in 2004 and 2009, and will be again in 2014.


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