Karen Melchior

Country: Denmark

Party: 1

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Policy focus

  • Democracy
  • Human rights & Civil liberties
  • Trade

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Biography of Karen Melchior

Karen Melchior EP candidate for Radikale Venstre I am 33 years old. I have worked as a foreign policy professional with an academic background in law for the Danish Foreign Ministry for more than 8 years. I have worked more in the political systems of the EU, Denmark, UK and France. I speak Danish, English and French while I am working at learning Arabic and German. I specialised in international trade law during my studies, but have since then concentrated on the EU, development of democracy, rule of law and free speech in the Middle East and North and the influence of the internet on local and global politics.  I have studied at the French school of administration, and worked  3 years at the Danish embassy in London. The last few years been working with public and digital diplomacy. Digital rights are political and democratic rights or today. I am a very active user of the possibilities of the internet to communicate and influence our world. Democracy today is different than it was 200 years ago. We need to open up policy development  to encourage citizen participation and real dialogue. Citizens need to and have the right to be able to hold their authorities and politicians to account. In order to do this we need transparency and access to information. Privacy is a fundamental human right, and is central to the maintenance of democratic societies. We need to trust the people we entrust with our data. We need to defend  unrestricted access to the Internet and online services because we need a free, open and neutral net in order to continue the revolution in information, freedom of expression and innovation that we have seen the last 20 years. I have pledged to support the campaigns of WePromise.EU for support for digital rights (as of yet the only Danish ALDE candidate) ILGA-Europe Come-Out to mobilise support for human rights and LGBTI equality and Amnesty International's pledge to put people and their rights before control and protection of our borders. Finally of course I support SingleSeat, for the European Parliament to chose where and how it works. A single seat in Brussels.


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