Matt McLaren

Country: United Kingdom

Party: 1

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Policy focus

  • Economy
  • Jobs

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Biography of Matt McLaren

Matt J. McLaren is an experienced campaigner, working with Liberal Democrats from across the capital to help secure a stronger economy in a fairer society so that every Londoner can get on in life. In recent years Matt has campaigned on many local issues. These have included:
  • Campaigning for the introduction of a one-hour bus pass to help low paid commuters
  • Fighting the closure of Sydenham Police Station in Lambeth and Muswell Hill Police Counter in Haringey, seeking to protect local communities’ ability to report crimes and raise local concerns with the Police face-to-face
  • Collecting countless petition signatures against loss of services at the Whittington Hospital in North London, helping to ensure that changes are not made to local health services without full and proper consultation with the communities which they serve.
Matt’s professional career involves working with charities and other providers of social care services, often seeking to fill difficult roles for them. As such, Matt understands that even vital roles in society are often not as well paid as both employers and employees would like. He therefore supports wholeheartedly the move by Liberal Democrats to take low paid workers out of tax altogether, and to further support children from low income households with additional help through the Pupil Premium. Matt, like so many others, came to London in 2008 to study here. Since then he has graduated with a First Class degree and now works full-time in the City. Working in the recruitment sector, he understands what it means for everyone to be able to have access to a rewarding and decent paid job. As a Member of the European Parliament he would work tirelessly to ensure that every person has just such an opportunity.


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