Michael Theurer

Country: Germany

Party: 3

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Policy focus

  • Economy
  • Foreign affairs

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Biography of Michael Theurer

  Editorial assistant, Schwarzwälder Boten, Oberndorf (1988-1990). Studied economics at the Eberhard Karl University, Tübingen (1990-1995); degree in economics (1995). Local editor, Schwarzwälder Boten (1990). Member, Regional Executive, Baden-Württemberg FDP/DVP (since 1991); regional chair of the Baden-Württemberg Youth Section of the FDP (1991-1994); regional vice-chair of Baden-Württemberg FDP/DVP (since 1999); member of the Federal Executive of the FDP (since 2003). Mayor of Horb am Neckar (1995-2009). Member of Freudenstadt district council (since 1999). Member of the Baden-Württemberg Regional Assembly (2001-2009): spokesman on European affairs (2001-2009); deputy group leader (2006-2009); vice-chair of the European Affairs Committee (2006-2009). Chair of the Friends of the Former Synagogue in Rexingen (since 1997).


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