Pauline Kastermans

Country: Netherlands

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Policy focus

  • Foreign affairs
  • Human rights & Civil liberties
  • Research & Education

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Biography of Pauline Kastermans

My vision of Europe:

Certain challenges that we are currently facing are asking for solutions that go beyond the borders of the nation-state. Responding to environmental challenges, fighting cross-border crime and more generally making sure Europe is prepared for its future generations. These challenges demand a European answer. Then the question remains: what do we want this cooperation to look like? Do we want deals to be made behind closed doors, often among unelected officials or do we want an open, transparent and democratically elected institution to take the lead? My vision of Europe includes the prioritization of democratic and transparent processes, a Union where all generation are included and where we as a continent are ready for the future, instead of focusing on the past.

My political goals:

- Increasing diversity in the European Parliament - as the average age of MEPs is currently 55 and only 4 out of 766 are below 30.

- Improving the internal market, so that everyone can take chances wherever they want - making moving within the EU easier.

- Investing in the economy of the future, instead of the past. So investments in Education and R&D instead of e.g. the Common Agricultural Policy.

- Creating an effective European common foreign policy, with a special focus on the EU neigbourhood.

About myself: My name is Pauline Kastermans, I am 23 years old and running for the European Parliament on behalf of D66 in The Netherlands. Last year I graduated from Amsterdam University College, with a main focus on political science, European studies, international relations and literature. Next to studying, I was active as International Officer of the Jonge Democraten. Currently I am working at the International Office of D66. Both positions enabled me to get in touch with a lot of politically active youth across Europe and beyond.


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