Stanimir Ilchev

Country: Bulgaria

Party: 2

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Policy focus

  • Human rights & Civil liberties
  • Security

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Biography of Stanimir Ilchev

  Bachelor and Master's degree in journalism from St Clement of Ohrid University, Sofia (1979). Editor for Bulgarian National Television (1979-1981); editor of the journal 'Krile' ('Wings') (1981-1985) and of the magazine 'Mladezh' ('Youth') (1994). Director of the PR and media relations department of the American University in Bulgaria (1994-2001). Member of the political council of National Movement Simeon II (NDSV); spokesman for the NDSV. MP in the 39th and 40th National Assemblies; chair of the Committee on foreign policy, defence and security (2001-2003); chairman of the NDSV parliamentary group (2003-2005); member and vice-chair of the Committee on defence (2005-2009). Observer in the European Parliament (2005-2007). Member of the European Parliament (since 2007) Chair of the Bulgarian delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (2001-2005).


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