Vote liberal

Vote liberal

Did you know, you can register as a voter on this website? By registering, you will be able to find out more about your favourite liberal candidate for the European Parliament, who’s defending your issues, or who lives in your country or city. Vote for her or him and get in touch!

Why should you vote for a liberal?

The coming European elections will be crucial for the European Union and for the Liberal group in the European Parliament. For the first time, more Europeans think negatively about the EU than positively. Many citizens are not satisfied how the EU works.

As European Liberals we do not ignore that fact. In fact, Liberals have always been at the forefront of reforming the European Union. We are committed to building a stronger Europe to defend our common interests and values. We want a Europe with authority on the world stage. We want a Europe that boosts the economy and create jobs. We want a Europe that is more transparent and accountable. A Europe that protects the safety and security of its citizens. A Europe of tolerance and equality, with strong civil rights and liberties. A Europe based on genuine democracy and the will of its citizens. A Europe that takes the lead in fighting climate change. A Europe that works for us all.

You can change Europe for the better by making Liberals and Democrats stronger.

how to register

1. Click on 'Register' in the right top corner of this page

2. Fill in the form on this page

3. Check your mail and click the link to edit your profile

4. Complete your profile and search for matching candidates